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UNICEF Tender Clarification Notice for LRPS-2021-9170342 and LRPS-2021-9170345

Bids closing date 20th of October 2021 2 pm local time
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date & Time
Published on ( Oct 8, 2021 )
Posted on Oct 8, 2021

Clarification Notification-1: Notice to all bidders

RFP Reference:- LRPS-2021-9170342 and LRPS-2021-9170345

Service Description:- for the Provision Rental Vehicle Service and Programme Supplies Transportation for Jijiga Field Office.

Summary of the clarification note

This is to kindly inform all bidders that the bid submission deadline for the above-captioned bid has been extended up to the 20th of October 2021 2 pm local time.

All other terms and conditions of the bid remain unchanged.

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Company Info
UNICEF Ethiopia
UNICEF Ethiopia
ዩኒሴፍ ኢትዮጵያ
AddressUNICEF Ethiopia, UNECA Compound, Zambezi Building, 2nd floor Supply Section, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Phone+251 11 5184000
Phone3+251 115 184158
Fax+251 115 511628
Filed Under
Hospitality, Tour and Travel Tour and Travel
Rent Vehicle
Warehousing, Transit and Transport Service Transportation Service
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