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Saint Gobain Weber Manufacturing PLC would like to invite potential suppliers to participate in the tender for the supply of Technical support

Bids closing date 20.09.2021.
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date & Time
Published on ( Sep 6, 2021 )
Posted on Sep 6, 2021


Saint Gobain Weber Manufacturing PLC is a green field project based in Ethiopia to manufacture mortar products such as tile adhesive, grouts, waterproofing and other flooring solutions. The company is part of Saint Gobain Group. 

Saint Gobain Weber Manufacturing PLC would like to invite potential suppliers to  participate in the tender for the supply of Technical support 

We need technical support in the following particularities. 

  1. Weekly inspection and maintenance 
  2. Maintenance and inspection training 
  3. Availability in case of emergency and troubleshooting. 

The plant is semi-automated and small Plant. 

Scope of Activities 

  1. Monthly Inspection and Maintenance: your company makes a Weekly Electrical  automation and instrumentation inspection and maintenance activities based on  our I/O test procedure and technical documentation provided, additionally our  company needs your recommendations for a critical spare parts and normal inspection spare parts preparation. 
  2. Maintenance and inspection training: our company needs practical training of  Electrical Instrumentation and automation on site for our maintenance team. 
  3. Availability in case of emergency: your company needs to be available onsite to provide technical support in case of we are facing an emergency of an electrical problem within 2 hours.  

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Our company will provide all Tools, Equipment’s and technical documents necessary for all activities to be executed and we will be responsible if we are fail to deliver what is expected from our side. 
  2. Your company will provide us a proposal including pricing based on the activities  Stated above. All activities should be performed based on the proposal provided and you will be responsible if you are fail to execute activities according to the proposal provided. 

Details of the requirements for this bid, eligibility criteria can be found in the bidding  document which will be available by the below link on 2merkato website free tender  section 

or upon request of the company by the below address. 

  • Saint-Gobain Weber Manufacturing PLC 
  • Address: Kazanchis/ Black Gold Building/ 4th Floor 
  • Tel: 0115574208/ 0980193071 

Deadline for bid submission: 20.09.2021. 

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Exchange Rates

USD 46.8168 45.8988
GBP 61.2885 60.0868
EUR 54.8458 53.7704
CHF 47.9670 47.0265
CAD 33.1191 32.4697
AED 11.5338 11.3076
Source: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Applicable date: Sep 20th, 2021