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Target Business Consultants PLC: Terms of Reference for Development of Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, training Guideline, and training of professionals

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Published on ( May 26, 2021 )
Posted on May 26, 2021

Terms of Reference for Development of Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, training Guideline, and training of professionals

1.           BACKGROUND

About the Jobs Creation Commission (JCC)

Sustainable job creation and youth employment are critical challenges that Ethiopia is facing today, as the Country aims to transition to a middle-income country by 2025. With about 2 million new entrants to the labor market every year, 49% of the employed population being in subsistence employment, and ~70% of the population under 29 years old, a concentrated effort to grow current jobs, create new jobs, improve the quality of these jobs and the inclusiveness of the labor market are necessary. To this end, the Jobs Creation Commission (henceforth referred to as JCC) adopted a holistic approach to tackle the binding constraints to jobs and proposed an ambitious, yet urgent call to create 14 million sustainable jobs by 2025.

The Commission is a two years-old federal institution established under the Prime Minister Office in Ethiopia, with a mandate to coordinate, govern and monitor all national and regional institutions to reach the nation’s objective to align policy and institutional strategic plan to achieve a sustainable jobs ecosystem. Well-aware of past local and global experiences that policy and governance alone cannot produce sustainable outcomes with a single change, JCC spearheads the jobs creation agenda by initiating a ‘One Plan. One Report’ initiative and data collection mechanism to capacitate institutions and facilitate systemic change. Building institutional capacity by raising expectations, increasing motivation, and building networks of relationships, have the power to transform the jobs ecosystem. Thus, JCC intends to resolve competing objectives and weed out disjointed, fragmented decision-making practices that impact employability, jobs creation, quality of jobs, human capital potential, and economic growth by connecting the dots and creating enabling jobs environments to drive the system.

The JCC has worked on developing a Plan of Action for Job Creation (PAJC) that aims to identify the set of policies and programme required to foster job creation and unleash the potential of the Ethiopian Economy. The Plan of Action for Job Creation proposes holistic interventions to solve the employment and job creation challenges and provides a new vision of employment in Ethiopia.

About the Enabling Ethiopia Project supported by the MasterCard Foundation

The JCC is being supported by the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) for the Enabling Ethiopia (EE) Project, a 3-year initiative designed to improve youth employment opportunities through the implementation of key components of the 2020 - 2025 Plan of Action for Job Creation. These include:

  • Adopting Job rich policies: Alignment of policies with the Plan of Action's Visions and Objectives including revision the MSME strategy
  • Building and strengthening capacity: Fully embedding a 'One Plan. One Report' approach in Jobs Creation and building the delivery capacity of regional and sub-regional bodies
  • Establishing and strengthening systems: Building a data-rich environment for employment services (LMIS);
  • Building a labour market resource mapping and optimization: ensuring sufficient resources are directed towards meeting job creation
  • Creating the next generation of high growth entrepreneurs in Ethiopia & Expanding Economic opportunities and inclusiveness: Large scale market-oriented upskilling work-readiness program along with inclusive innovation solutions in job creation
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship: through behavioural change and direct support though grants and competitions.

·      About Target Business Consultant PLC (Target)

Target is a consulting firm established in 2004 for the provision of consulting services in business, finance and organizational development.  It also provides business outsourcing services including fund management, payroll and payment management services.

Target has been assigned by the MCF to provide service and Fund Manager to the Enabling Ethiopia Project implemented by the JCC. Accordingly, it has the responsibility of handling the process of procurement of service, hiring service providers and effect payment for the service provided as per the approval of its performance of the assignment by the Enabling Ethiopia project. 

2.            RATIONAL

Tila”: A government-driven multi-partner platform for testing innovation in creating inclusive jobs in Ethiopia” which falls under Expanding Economic opportunities and inclusiveness” under the Enabling Ethiopia project. Tila (“umbrella” in Amharic) represents inclusivity and protection from vulnerabilities. Tila is designed to allow the government of Ethiopia, through JCC’s leadership, showcase innovative approaches towards supporting those groups most at risk of disenfranchisement in the labour market through successful PPP partnerships.

To implement Tila project an official launching ceremony has conducted on March 28/2021 and two months, April and May, grant request dispersed. The five grantees, Kidame mart, Beza Posterity Development Organization, Ethiopian Center for Disabilities Development Association for Women Sanctuary Development, and Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion, deployed personnel, conduct regional level launching ceremonies and get started selection of beneficiaries.

The upcoming challenge of the project is to coordinate these grantees and local level stakeholders, to facilitate access to finance issues with a selected microfinance institution, and double-check whether the millstones are implemented in accordance with the pre-established monitoring and evaluation framework. Also, the project coordinators at federal and regional levels have to get at least medium-level project management training to enable them coordinating the project up to the required standard.

Therefore, JCC wants to commission a consultancy firm to develop a standard monitoring and evaluation framework, training guideline and to train anchor implementers /professionals/ at the federal and in the five regions where the project is get implemented. This is assumed to resolve the capacity gaps of the employees in planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and progress reporting. In addition, it is expected to solve limitations related to identifying proper indicators of planned activities and conducting proper project implementation analysis.


General Objective

The goal of the assignment is to produce a comprehensive project implementation manual and deliver follow-up training to project staff and regional counterparts including,

  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework with clear and measurable key performance indicators for Tila project
  1. Result-based monitoring, learning and impact evaluation
  2. Data collection, management & analysis and
  • Developing a guideline for effective planning, management, stakeholder coordination, communication, and documentation
  • Conducting training to project staff, regional job creation counterparts in Afar, Amara, Addis Ababa, Oromia, and Sidama on the project implementation manual



The final delivery of the assignment will consist of three outputs: 




o   High quality M&E framework

1 month July 20

Outline to submitted by June 20; Rough draft to be submitted by July 1 comments & validation

o  Comprehensive implementation guideline which includes the four topics outlined above

1 month July 20

o   Delivery of quality training for trainers

July 30



A final delivery of the assignment is expected before or by July 30.


Three or more consultants could submit a joint proposal together. Collaboration base on specializations is highly encouraged in this assignment.

It is recommended to collaborate with JCC staff while conducting researches in and out of office.


Evaluation of tenders will be made in two steps that include Technical and Financial evaluations. Technical Evaluation is given a weight of 70% while the financial proposal shall be weighted 30%.

 Technical Evaluation:

The technical proposal shall be evaluated using the following criteria: 


Evaluation Criteria



The Firm’s organizational adequacy, professional reputations, and general experience in the field of assignment



Past performance references and supporting documents



The adequacy and quality of the proposed approach, methodology, understanding of the service required, work plan (completion time and program), and staff schedule



The qualification and competence of the personnel proposed for the services to be undertaken and the Firm’s ability to perform the assignment with its own personnel and equipment.


Financial Evaluation:

  • Only firms whose technical proposal score high among the bidders will be considered for the financial evaluation. (30%) 
  • The financial proposal shall show the payment schedule and advance payment. Proposed costs will be reviewed for reasonable.

7 How to Apply

Interested firms should submit their technical and financial proposals in separate envelop on or before June 5, 2021, at 2:30 PM, to the following address: -

  • Target Business Consultants Plc
  • N/Lafot Sub City,  Lebu Mebrat Shoa supermarket 3rd floor
  • Tel +251 926796218, +251 116 636645
  • Addis Ababa Ethiopia

8.Target Business Consultants PLC reserve the right to reject any or all the offers.




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