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UNICEF Tender Clarification for LRPS-2020-9162250

Bids closing date 4 November 2020,2:00 PM standard time (East African Time)
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date & Time
Published on ( Oct 27, 2020 )
Posted on Oct 27, 2020

Clarification for LRPS-2020-9162250

1) please could you kindly advise the total expenditure reported by the two IPs that will be subject to audit? This is the most important piece of information in determining our price proposal but unfortunately does not appear to be mentioned anywhere in your RFPS.

Answer: Total expenditure: 


                        ETHIO SOMALE MOTHERS AND CHILDREN C CHARITY (ESMCC): 106606.71 USD

2)Can the approximate number of CSOs be known for this audit engagement

Answer: They are two. Refer answer # 1

3)Are there any specific geographic coverage requirements while visiting CSOs for the audit?

Answer: Generally, the answer is no. The audit is going to be undertaken at the Head office level of partners. For IRC @ Addis Ababa; and For ESMCC @ Jijiga town. In case of any field travel, please indicate your daily subsistence allowance; and other expenses if any. Travel costs will be on a reimbursement basis upon submitting receipts. Preauthorization will be given.  

4)In cases of Shared Partners involving funds from two or more UN Agencies, is it possible to know how many Agencies may be involved, as there are separate reporting requirements to each partnering UN Agency?

  • Answer: Both are UNICEF funded programmes.  

5)The RFPS doesn't have a glossary or give a full description for abbreviated words. For example, I don't get the full phrase of the abbreviation for "CSO" in the document unless I can make such a good guess as "Civil Society Organization" if I am not mistaken. Hence, I request you to give a full description of abbreviated words including the above.

Answer: CSO: Civil Society Organization

                HACT: Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfer

                UN: United Nation 

                FACE: Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures

                ISA: International Standards on Auditing 

6)Is it possible to submit the proposal in person now? Because bidders are required to put their proposal in the bid box located at UNICEF office reception desk and get registered with the receptionist. I am not sure whether we are able to get into the UN compound for submission of proposals as before. Otherwise, we should prepare our proposal in such a way that we can send you through email. I need clarification on this anyway. 

Answer: Vendors can submit their proposals in person to the office and we will arrange receipt at the gate or also can submit on email ETH-Supply Tender Box < >      



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