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UNICEF Tender Clarification for RFPS–2020–9158560

Bids closing date 1st of July 2020 at 2:00 PM (East African Time)
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date & Time
Published on ( Jun 25, 2020 )
Posted on Jun 25, 2020

To: All bidders,

Subject: Clarification No.1 to the RFPS–2020–9158560

We would like to advise you that we have made the following clarification to the above-captioned tender and kindly request you to do the same on the RFPS document received.



Clarification request from bidders


Response provided


Annex C, Terms of Reference page 1, page 31 of total document: “Potential bidders must have adequate capacity to be able to provide efficient and effective transportation services, that is, in terms of availability to reliable owned trucks of different sizes and capacities not more than 10 years of age”. Does this mean that transporters like MACCFA can only use their owned trucks and not use the subcontracted services of transportation associations? If subcontracted trucks via trucking associations can be used, would you still need to verify ownership with title books? What additional information would be required from subcontractors?


UNICEF would inform potential bidders’ capacity not only expressed in terms of number of trucks rather it refers to the overall responsive capability of the bidder.

The bidders have the right to joint venture with other companies if deem necessary following the requirement specified in the bidding document to be considered as joint venture.

The verification of all documentation will be part of the bidding review process and kindly advise all bidders to submit legal documents that can be accessible and verifiable during the review process.

Please kindly read all RFP document in totality bidders need to read and respond to the RFP as understanding and responding to bid is one of the requirement the bidders need to fulfill.


Annex A, General Terms and Conditions, page 27, Force Majeure - Article 6.8 part (d): Force majeure does not include “any event resulting from harsh conditions or logistical challenges for the Contractor (including civil unrest) associated with locations at which UNICEF is operating or is about to operate or is withdrawing from, or any event resulting from UNICEF’s humanitarian, emergency, or similar response operations.”  This the statement basically negates the definition of force majeure given in the same the article  (A)” any unforeseeable and irresistible events arising from causes beyond the control of the Parties, including acts of nature, any act of war (whether declared or not), invasion, revolution, insurrection, terrorism or other acts of a similar nature or force.” Please take into account the Ethiopian/Somali region context of civil unrest and the COVID 19 pandemic. How can any transporter guarantee to deliver cargo within the agreed time if such incidences occur, we ask that UNICEF gives us room for tolerance as long as we properly inform UNICEF.





Please kindly be informed that this is bidding stage and UNICEF will not interpret any of terms and conditions of the bidding document.


For any responsive and lowest acceptable bidder UNICEF will explain all the contractual terms and conditions during the pre contractual negotiations with the overall responsive lowest acceptable bidder.


Page 16 of total document, Part 3. Liquidated Damages, article 3.1 Clause on Liquidated Damages:  It is understood that the clause is a requirement from UNICEF and transporter are expected to pay “liquidated damages. But if such damage occurs because of force majeures like COVID 19 and potential political instability of the region (border closures due to spread of the pandemic, protests, etc) we might not be delivering our promised commitments


Same as above


Please consider further revising the revised rate card that was shared previously on The exact destination of the cargo is needed otherwise transporters will have trouble giving accurate information in regards to their rates. Or consider giving proposing transporters a shortlist of Somali region cities to choose from to accurately fill out their rate cards.

Please kindly be advised that the Rate card is based on the starting point not the destinations, we have set  three starting point which is Jijiga, Kebridahar and Gode, the other zones lies under these starting points, therefore we are expecting the bidders to fill the rate of these starting points irrespective of the destinations.



The given revised rate card is not the way subcontracted transporters currently provide their rates/prices. Such requests and the approach are not feasible to give accurate transportation price for the requester; the customary way of providing rate for transportation is lump sum or aggregate pricing without showing the detail of the cost. We tried asking individual subcontracted transporters that have been previously used by MACCFA for this information and they found the revised rate card and the request is not workable due to issue of the way the prices are asked. Though transporters and subcontractors were not be able or willing to use the given rate card as it is; it might help the truck owners to build up the total cost for each trip so as to set the aggregate price for the trip.

 We are dealing with the contractor not the subcontractors and the contractor may deal with the subcontractors, our rate card is based on the starting point not the destinations, we have set a three starting point which is Jijiga, Kebridahar and Gode, the other zones lies under these starting points, therefore we are expecting the bidders to fill the rate of these starting points irrespective of the destinations.



Please consider increasing the timeframe of availing of trucks within 48 hours to load the cargo. Proposing transporters may find this particularly challenging due to request for service being in rather remote/ inaccessible areas and truck many not be easily assigned.


UNICEF is working on humanitarian response therefore bidders are highly advised to have an office in Jijiga and within 48 hours is feasible. This contract is for Somali Region and supplying from Addis is not feasible, one of the criteria is the company to have an office in the Region so the company may respond our request immediately.




Otherwise, all other parts of the RFP issued by the UNICEF remain unchanged.






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