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BRIDGES invites bidders for consultancy service on Gardening /landscaping Technical Assistance

Bids closing date Mar 4, 2020 04:00 PM
Bids opening date No specific closing date and time
Published on ( Feb 26, 2020 )
Posted on Feb 26, 2020

Gardening and Landscaping Design and Supervision 

1. Background:

BRIDGES is a youth job creation program addressing two fundamental, immediate and complementary challenges to unlock the potential for job creation within Industrial Parks (IPs) and their surrounding ecosystem including Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Industrial Parks create employment opportunities for different types of services such as catering, gardening, security, and waste collection & disposal services.

BRIDGES is currently working in and around the Adama IP (AIP) and supporting SMEs already selected to provide these services. 

Based on the direction given by the government, employment and business opportunities in and around the park are reserved for the local community that has been displaced due to the park construction. To this effect, Small and Micro Enterprises have been organized to provide gardening and landscaping services to the industrial park.  

2. Purpose:

To work with SMEs organized to work on gardening and landscaping services and support them with design works, on the job training, supervision, how to manage their business and pinpointing performance indicators for monitoring progress. 

3. Scope of Work:

Type of Consultancy Service Requested - Gardening /landscaping Technical Assistance

Specific tasks: 

  • Support SMEs to design landscaping for the Industrial Park 
  • Provide technical assistance or continuous on job training for organized SMEs on gardening
  • Provide SMEs with detailed schedule of activities and checklists to follow 
  • Supervise supported/trained SMEs on their activities and progress 
  • Technical support to set up greenhouse for production of seedlings on 200M2  of land
  • Assess potential income generation activities for SMEs


4. Qualification & Experience:

  • Prior experience in designing & execution of landscaping/ gardening for public or private institutions 

5. Deliverables:

  • Detailed schedule of daily gardening activities for workers to follow 
  • On-the job training/facilitation 
  • Written short guidelines/checklists for SME leadership 
  • Written short guidelines/checklists for greenhouse set-up 

6. Working Arrangements:

In close collaboration with BRIDGES’ project, Adama Industrial Park Development Corporation and other experts, the service provider is expected to carry out this assignment. 

7. Duration:

Duration of the contract will be from 3 to 6 months  

8. Evaluation:

BRIDGES will review the submitted proposals in accordance with the specific qualification and experience requirements and specific tasks stated above. Applicants should clearly indicate their experience and previous engagements in line with the specific requirements listed. 

9. Budget:

The consultant is expected to propose a daily rate for the team members and related accommodation and travel expenses. 

NB: -

  • Material /input cost including daily labor is supplied by the client

10. Mode of Application:

Those who meet the minimum requirements are invited to submit technical & financial proposal on or before March 04, 2020 @ and if you have any questions please send an email to 


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BRIDGES Programme
BRIDGES Programme
BRIDGES Programme
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Applicable date: Jun 3rd, 2020