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ICRC intends to have security services Agency company for providing security services on the premises of ICRC.

Bids closing date December 20, 2019, at 6.00 PM (Local time).
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date & Time
Published on ( Dec 2, 2019 )
Posted on Dec 2, 2019

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 

Request for Tenders security services Agency /company 

ICRC is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence.

Within the framework of its assistance program in Ethiopia, the ICRC intends to have security services Agency /company for the below listed Locations.

Locations and number of guards:



ICRC Head office

2 guards, 24 hours a day

Residence, House

1 guard, 8 hours a day

Residence, House

1 guard, 24 hours a day

Residence, House

1 guard, 2 guard night

Patrol guards

1 guard, 12 hours night

Residence, House

1 guard, 24 hours a day

Logistic compound

2 guard, 24 hours a day

The following are the terms and conditions for providing security services in the premises of ICRC.

  1. The Security Agency/Company must be qualified in terms of providing security services under private security registration in Ethiopia /Addis Ababa with all employer legal compliance pertaining to employees-services benefits /pay/allowances/compassion.
  2. The  Security Agency/ persons may visit  the  above premises and   audit the  entire area for duty points and  submit the proposal mentioning the (i)  No. of shifts to be fixed to look after the area  (ii) No. of  duty guards/supervisors  to be deployed during these shifts (iii) Scope of work to be carried out by the security manpower in the complex (iv) Rates applicable and agency overheads charges with applicable taxes etc., with the appropriate break-up on each account –heads chargeable on the services to be tendered in the said premises. (v) The Agency/company must provide their office address and contact details of their office persons before visiting the premises for security service proposal assessment.
  3. The company has to ensure that the Quick Reaction Team shall be checking all locations at different intervals 7 days a week and that it is reachable 24 hours a day.
  4. For fixing up an appointment to visit the premises/building/space, interested parties may seek an appointment on landline Nos. +251 116 47 83 00, Fax: +251 116 47 83 01, Mobile:+251 923783301
  5. ICRC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to allow the works to different agencies without assigning any reason.
  6. The above Security arrangement is initially to secure the premises with minimum manpower. Later if and when requirement increases, the proposal may be revised accordingly.
  7. Scope of work by security personnel and their duty parameters/obligations shall be mutually signed in the form of agreement/contract with successful contenders.
  8. The entire process shall be based on the discretion of ICRC, to fix the selection criteria and select any agency for security services.
  9. Interested eligible security services Agency /company may obtain further information and the tender documents at the ICRC Procurement Officer during normal working hours.
  10. The proposal must be in an easily readable and comprehensible format for easy scrutiny.

Interested Security Agency/Company are invited to submit their price offer in a sealed envelope to the address below up to December 20, 2019, at 6.00 PM (Local time).

  • Bole Sub-City, Kebele 12/13,
  • House No. 498, Telephone: +251 11 6478300,
  • Fax: +251 116478301
  • P: O: BOX -5701


Company Info
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
ኢንተርናሽናል ኮሚቲ ኦፍ ዘ ሬድ ክሮስ
AddressBole Sub-city Kebele 12/13, next to Egziabeherab Church around gurd sholla.
Phone+251 11 6478300
Fax+251 11 6478301
Filed Under
Safety and Security Service

Exchange Rates

USD 34.9255 34.2407
GBP 41.8424 41.0220
EUR 38.9979 38.2332
CHF 34.6786 33.9986
CAD 23.3697 22.9115
AED 8.6042 8.4355
Source: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Applicable date: Jun 3rd, 2020