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Clarification on RFP–S&L–2016-9147601

Bids closing date 12 June 2019,10:00 am (East African Time)
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Day
Published on ( Jun 7, 2019 )
Posted on Jun 7, 2019

To: All bidders,

 Subject: Clarification No.1 to the RFP–S&L–2016-9147601

We would like to advise you that we have made the following clarification to the above-captioned tender and kindly request you to do the same on the RFP a document received from our office.                                                                                       


Clarification request from bidders


Response provided


How does UNICEF require the LTA holder get the group medical / accident coverage stated on page 34 of the RFP? Is the contractor required to enroll consultants for such a scheme from the management fee it receives or is it to be deducted for the payments of the consultants? Also, clarify if this is one of the reimbursable expenses that UNICEF will reimburse to the service provider once this is paid to an insurance provider company



UNICEF would like to confirm that insurance fee is not part of the management fee and it will be reimbursable expense.





Is the submission of both electronic copies of the technical proposal required.

UNICEF accept only hard copy of the proposal it not a requirement to submit a soft copy of the proposal.






Is this RFP on technical and support staff Is recruitment staff open for local or international vendors? Is it legal for a local company be in a joint venture with an international company to undertake such assignment local staff recruitment.


This bid is advertised locally and open for an interested bidder participates in the bid and submission of bids in joint the venture is allowed as specified in the RFP.




What is the salary scale range of the non-technical operation support staff? Please give estimated ranges like you did for the technical staff.



This will be communicated later with successful bidder.




Is the salary payment of key personnel required by UNICEF as per the standard rates of UNICEF and is it going to be covered by UNICEF or the contractor from its overhead.



Service The provider will make payments to the consultants for their professional inputs by 7th of each month and by 15th of each month for its reimbursements by bank drafts/transfers or locally drawn cheques. These payments will be made based on the monthly appraisal, certificates received from its technical consultants and approved by UNICEF; For this, the service provider will submit to UNICEF a monthly report on the consultant’s payments status. Accordingly, payment to an individual consultant will be reimbursed by UNICEF as per standard Net 30 days after submission of the invoice.





The RFP on page 31 under objectives state inclusion of field data collectors as part of the human resources to be sourced. Please confirm if you are also looking for sourcing data collectors under this LTA and if you have any standard/ fixed rate.


Please informed that depending on the technical expertise position salary will be fixed based on the scale specified in the RFP.


Under “Major Tasks to be Accomplished” on page 31 of the RFP it is stated that the contractor is expected to monitor the achievement of activities reflected in the TORs of consultants hired under this contract.  It also requires the contractor to report to UNICEF if the consultants hired under this contract fail to carry out their work as per the TOR. How is possible for the five largely non-technical key personnel to be able to monitor the estimated 237 largely technical personnel to be hired under such LTA/ contract? Please clarify if additional program performance monitoring and evaluation will have to be hired by the bidder to work on this as part of the personnel to be sourced



UNICEF wishes to inform that scope work, the duties and responsibilities of clearly specified in the TOR and how to manage the consultants should be part of bidder technical proposal methodology.



On travel management: the service provider/ contractor is expected to arrange transportation using UNICEF’s rental vehicle LTA holders. With the understanding that it may sometimes be cheaper to transport consultants by air transport, is it allowed to do flight booking as an option? Does UNICEF have an LTA with an air ticket agent?



Yes, UNICEF has LTA for flights and this will be shared with later to a successful firm to picky back.



If UNICEF is not issuing ICT equipment such as laptops for technical consultants to be hired, who will then have that responsibility? If this is the responsibility of the contractor? What is the estimated number of consultants that require a laptop or tablet computers?




No UNICEF provides laptops and computer the assigned staff should able to use their own laptops or contractors resource to provide the service.


The RFP states that the company should have a well-established office with proper office infrastructure, computers, ICT equipment, and others. Is an office visit of bidders by UNICEF part of the evaluation?



It will be UNICEF discretion to undertake the evaluation to the best interest organization.   


Is possible to extend the bid submission deadline

UNICEF is no in a position to extend the bid submission deadline.


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Otherwise, all other parts of the RFP issued by the UNICEF remain unchanged.

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