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EOI: Design, Installation, implementation and Operation of a Queue and Ticketing Management System (QTMS) for UNECA

Bids closing date 14 September 2018
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Day
Published on (ቱመርካቶ.ኮም) (Aug 31, 2018)
Posted on Aug 31, 2018


  • Title of the EOI: Design, Installation, implementation and Operation of a Queue and Ticketing Management System (QTMS) for UNECA.
  • Date of this EOI: 07 August 2018
  • Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 14 September 2018
  • EOI Number: EOIUNECA15437
  • E-mail Address:
  • Address EOI response by fax for the Attention of: Rahel Tarekegne
  • Fax Number:
  • UNSPSC Code:80141619


The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia hereby seeks Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified and experienced vendors with valid license to provide managed service for queuing and ticketing and includes all activities necessary for the delivery of such service (design, hardware and software installation, setup and customization, commissioning, training, support, maintenance and consumables provisioning, as well as all necessary system upgrade needed to keep the equipment working at all times) over the period of the system life cycle.

Vendors who express their interest will be invited to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP).

UNECA is precluded from entering into a contract with vendor that is not fully registered with United Nations Global Market lace (UNGM) and did not obtain UN Global Market Place (UNGM) Vendor ID Number. Thus, only those vendors who are registered or provisionally  registered or have started their registration process in UNGM will be eligible to receive the solicitation document-RFP. (Use https://www.ungm.orgwebsite to register at UNGM).

Interested vendors who fullfill the above requirements are required to submit the completed Vendor Response Form plus all required supplemental documentations through the above mentioned e-mail addresses on or before 17 August 2018.Please direct all your queries to United Nations Economic Commission for Africa using the email provided above.

Vendors interested in participating in this planned solicitation process should complete the Vendor Response Form (Found at  and email it to UNECA before the closing date set forth above.


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