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Clarifications on Impacts of PSNP and CBHI linkages on client households, to assess the impacts of PSNP and CBHI linkages on client households

Biding closing date Jun 13, 2018 10:00 AM
Bids opening date No Specific Opening Date
Published on (ቱመርካቶ.ኮም) (Jun 7, 2018)
Posted on Jun 7, 2018

Clarifications on LRPS-2018-913 9902- II

Impacts of PSNP and CBHI linkages on client households, to assess the impacts of PSNP and CBHI linkages on client households

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  1.  The TOR stated that the firm required to perform household listing and liaise with PSNP administration to obtain a list of PSNP households in the kebele at baseline and at the end line survey into electronic format (see Section 7 of the ToR). Similarly, the TOR stated that the consultant is required to carrying out “mapping and listing of households in selected enumeration areas in comparison arm”. We would like to know that whether the sample households will be selected from CSA’s Enumeration Areas (EAs) map or from the kebele beneficiary list.
    • The Impact Evaluation is conducted based on the overall management of the UNICEF Office of Research in Italy. It is important to note that the Office of Research will use both the CSA EA and the PSNP kebele lists during the sampling of the survey.
  2. If EAs will be used to select sample households, shall we assume that a full listing exercise would be conducted in sample EAs (i.e. delineate the EA and list households within the sample EA)?
    • This will be decided based on the technical proposal of the National Firm in close collaboration with the UNICEF Office of Research. We believe that a listing exercise will be part of the sampling.
  3. According to section 5.8 of page 9 of the TOR, the field pre-test exercise should be done before the training for 2 days to pretest the electronic questionnaire for the programming bugs. However, providing that the PSNP woredas are far from Addis Ababa, the allocated two days pretest may not be feasible. We would like to have your response on this. 
    •  Again, this can be discussed with the successful firm in close cooperation with our Office of Research. However, we do believe that 2 days (plus travel days) should be sufficient for a pre-test.
  4.  The time allocated (i.e. 1-1.5 hours) to complete a household questionnaire of such magnitude appears insufficient. Our experience in similar surveys indicated that it requires not less than three hours to complete a household questionnaire and this would affect the number of questionnaires filled per day. It would be helpful if you give us clarification on this.
    •  The ToRs were developed based on a wide experience of our Office of Research in various countries including Ethiopia. However, we will rely on National expertise and experience once it comes to the detailed planning of the survey. We will consider alternative suggestions related to this as submitted through the technical proposal.
  5. The ToR (in Page 8) stated that the key informant interviews would be carried out with board members and managers of the CBHI Agency “periodically”. It’s not clear that how often this interview would be conducted. Does it be annually, biannually or quarterly?
    • This is a longitudinal study, which entails a baseline, midline and endline survey. The CBHI agency interviews will hence be conducted more or less within the timeframe of the three different surveys and not far beyond this.
  6.  Regarding field equipment (including anthropometric measurement tools), who will be responsible to supply them, the consulting firm or the client?
    • UNICEF usually supports in accessing certain equipment’s, e.g. to measure nutrition-related outcomes in children, but we cannot assure that we have access to all required equipment at all stages of the survey.
  7. On cover page it is stated that Bid is only for local bidders. Buton page 14 which states about expected background and experiences it says international team leader. This needs clarification. Does this mean the bidder is local company and international experts can join as individuals?
    • No this bid is open only for National (LOCAL) vendors, However, in case of joint venture please read 2.4  of Part IV – Requirements
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