UNICEF would like to Announce a Notification for the Pre-Bidding Meeting and Clarification to the Tender that Requested Hasna Hilbi School Construction in Afar Region


Bid closing date
Sep 28, 2023 2:00 PM
Bid opening date
No Specific Opening Date and Time
Published on
2merkato.com (Sep 15, 2023)
Bid document price
Bid bond

Pre-Bidding meeting and Clarification to LRPS-2023-9185099

Hasna Hilbi School Construction in Afar Region
@ 10:00 AM on 14th September 2023


From UNICEF Participant Bidders
  1. Tsigereda Belete (Contract Officer)
  2. Hiwot Simon Deressa (Construction
  1. Eshetu Zeru from Eshetu Zeru GC
  2. Esubalew Tesfa from Mareal Development
  3. Dawit Workneh from Helutech GC
  4. Fitsumberhan G/Selassie from Falob
    Engineering PLC
  5. Yonathan Girmay from Ahmed & Friends
    Construction PLC

The Contract officer has explained the objective, requirements of the bid and details of the bid document, what is expected from bidders, eligibility requirements, submission requirements, and related details of the bid document.
Ms. Hiwot, the Construction Engineer, explained the technical requirements and expectations of UNICEF from the bid outcome in detail.

The participants raised the below clarification question.

1. Why the original bid document currency and the currency indicated on the presentation differ and which one is the correct currency?

It is explained that the currency indicated on the original bid document (USD) is not correct and all bidders should submit their offer with Ethiopian Birr (ETB) for the correction announcement has been posted on 2merkato.com

2. Is there a possibility of advance payment at the time of contracting?  

Advance payments are not a foreseeable option under the contracts that will result from this RFP (as also indicated in the TOR). Should there be an exceptional case where a contractor is to be given a chance to be granted an advance payment, the said advance payment shall be conditioned by the provision of an unconditional bank guarantee which is mandatory for the advance payment facilitation.

3. The requirement of a bid bond for this bid was raised as a question.

UNICEF does not need a bid bond from the bid participants it's free of any charges. However, as indicated in question #2 advance payment will be treated separately for successful vendors (please refer to response for question #2)

4. Is registration to UNGM mandatory for this bid?

UNGM Registration is mandatory not only for UNICEF but for all UN agencies currently and yes, UNGM registration is mandatory for this bid submission with a link - www.ungm.org 

5. Forms to be attached.

There will be no further document to share apart from the BoQ uploaded on the advertisement. Bidders should use the format provided as BoQ to submit their offers.

6. Clarification requested regarding the bid submission

Proposers can submit bids with the below options,

  1. In person at the UNECA compound or through UNICEF Ethiopia
  2. To the secured email address: <eth-supplytenderbox@unicef.org>It is important for bidders to know that they should send their proposals in good time as UNICEF will not be responsible for offers received after
    the deadline and bid opening.
  3. A soft copy (Flash) of the financial offer is expected from submitters

7. Clarification on the VAT issue

UN in general, and UNICEF specifically is excepted from any kind of tax hence vendor should submit their offer before VAT, At the time of contracting for a successful vendor the contract will be issued without VAT, and during payment UNICEF will pay inclusive of VAT and submit a refund for the same amount from the government.

8. Is a site visit allowed and who will be responsible for support at the field level

Its highly recommended to have field visits for bidders to have a realistic idea on what they are offering, and UNICEF will support them with Contact details- Eyeul Gizachew
+251 91 107 9639
Construction Engineer
GPS location for the site is 11°34′25.05″N, 41°24′37.38″E


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