GIZ Addis Ababa Office Would Like To Invite All Interested and Eligible Local Suppliers For The Supply Of For Personal Protective And Waste Management Equipment


Bid closing date
26.05.2023 (4:00pm in the afternoon)
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No Specific Opening Date and Time
Published on (May 12, 2023)
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Bid announcement:

For personal protective and waste management equipment 

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH would like to invite all interested and eligible local suppliers to submit technical specification, financial offer for supply of the below listed items.

No Description Unit    Qty  LOT
1 Overall Coat, with logo pc   100   LOT-I     
2 Leather gloves  pair  100 LOT-II 
3 Rubber Boots  pair  100   LOT-III  
4 Digital weighing scale pc  20  LOT-IV
5 "Fode" plastic waste collection sacks pc  100 LOT-V

Bid Reference Number: 91172377
Submission deadline: 26.05.2023 (4:00pm in the afternoon)

Any eligible local supplier which might be interested in accepting the GIZ-Office proposal for supplying the items is welcome to submit technical specification and financial offer by labelling the reference number 91172377 on the envelope to GIZ-Office located behind intercontinental Hotel. Those who are interested to be the one, price sheet and list of items with specification is described at 2merkato site.

Special conditions and instructions: 

  • Supplier must attach a valid TIN, VAT, and a current renewed business license.
  • Supplier must have a legal invoice.
  • Supplier must clearly indicate whether the price offer is before or after 15% VAT 
  • Technical specifications should be detailed descriptions of the items. Legal Documents/ business licenses will not be considered as technical specifications. 
  • The offer might be rejected or disqualified:
    • a.) if technical specifications and financial offers are not submitted separately,
    • b.) if the reference number is not indicated on the envelope and
    • c.) if legal documents/licenses are submitted as technical specifications. 
  • Supplier can offer for one LOT, more than one LOT or for all LOTs. Awarding is according to the LOT clustered, but more than one LOT may be awarded. 
  • The offer should be submitted in the language of the tender documents. 
  • For financial offers, use the provided price sheet form.
  • Financial offer currency must be in ETB (Ethiopian Birr).
  • The validity date of your offer should be 60 days
  • The place of delivery is GIZ Office, Addis Ababa. The delivery time must be within 15 working days after official order is given. If the supplier fails to deliver within the specified days, GIZ-Office has the right to cancel/ terminate the order.
  • Payment will be settled after delivery and presentation of valid invoice.
  • GIZ purchase terms and conditions will be applicable.
  • Supplier should provide certificate of origin for the items to be offered in the absence of certificate of origin supplier shall fill the attached self-declaration checklist.
  • GIZ office has the right to cancel the tender fully or partially.

For any clarifications, kindly contact the GIZ Country Office latest by 20.05.2023 using the below contact details. Any information on clarification or any amendment to this tender will be publicized until 21.05.2023 on the GIZ website under the link Bidding opportunities (, on 2merkato website or you can request for the same information via  

Tel: +251 11 518 0200/01/02

We look forward to hearing from you.

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