Cuso International Ethiopia would like to invite consultants to prepare success stories for the U-GIRLS 2 project


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February 20, 2023, before 10:00 P.M (Local time)
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Published on (Feb 10, 2023)
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  • RFP No:   T-CI-ET-2023-004
  • RFP Title:  Prepare U-GIRLS 2 project success stories.
  • RFP Issued By: Cuso International Country Program Office in Ethiopia
  • Issuance Date:  February 10, 2023                             
  • Proposal Submission Date: February 20, 2023
  • Language of proposal: The technical and financial proposals must be submitted in English.

Instructions for Submission of Proposals:  All proposals should be submitted to the Cuso International Country Program Office in Ethiopia via the following address:  

Cuso International Ethiopia Country Program Office, H & M Building, 7th Floor (Around 22 Mazoria, In Front of Blue Bird Hotel), Yeka S.C, Woreda. 08, H# New map No.D.03/2580/01/3585Addis Ababa I Tel # 011 6 590698


  • It is anticipated that there will be one award. Issuance of this Request for Proposals does not
  • constitute an award commitment on the part of Cuso International nor does it commit
  • Cuso International to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal.



Cuso International is an international cooperation and development organization that works to create economic and social opportunities for marginalized groups. Together with our partners, we are focused on efforts to advance gender equality and social inclusion, improve economic resilience, and deliver progress on climate action. We believe that by sharing skills, we can build better futures. Founded in 1961, Cuso international works in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Canada. Cuso International gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada, as well as its donors and supporters.

UGIRLS-2 Project

Partnering with the Institute of International Education (IIE), Cuso International has been implementing a project called Promoting Greater Access to University for GIRLS ("U-GIRLS-2"). This project is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs of Canada (GAC).  U-GIRLS 2 project aims to increase access to higher education for high school girls in Ethiopia by applying a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to empower girls and young women through quality education. The project targets seven secondary schools in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State (BGR) and will support economically disadvantaged high school girls and high school girls with special needs. U-GIRLS-2 project works to address existing gender barriers that impede girls' ability to stay in school. Hence, the adolescent girls will receive academic resources, training and tutorials, and a financial stipend to allow them to focus on schoolwork. Supports will also be provided to teachers and schools in providing gender sensitive education system and school. To this end, the project target schools’ teachers, leaderships, and students receive various gender sensitization trainings.  

3.    Scope of work

The survey undertaken by the project in September 2022 indicated that the various trainings and project activities implemented by the project for about two years brought changes in capacities as well as performances among the project participants female students, parents/guardians, and Parents, Teachers, and Students Association (PTSA) representatives and intermediaries (teachers). Thus, for the need of proper acknowledgement, Cuso International would like to hire professionals for capturing the project success stories. Then to facilitate this undertaking, criteria were developed and shared among the project target general secondary school principals so that they can nominate individuals that brought change as a result of the intervention. Accordingly, the appointed consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

  1. Review and enrich a draft interview guide for success story and share the revised version to the project monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) officer for approval.
  2. Conduct field visit to gather data and stories from the identified project participants. The consultant will contact/meet all individuals nominated for the success stories in the respective target six secondary schools located in Assosa, Bambasi, Abrhamo, and Menge districts. During story capturing use interesting locations to show the lifestyle of project participants, where necessary the consultant will travel to the places where S/he could meet the respective individuals nominated for this purpose within the respective project districts.
  3. After the initial field visit, capture audio visual stories (video with English subtitle and still photographs) of the respective individuals and write up the success stories and submit the first draft document written in Amharic and English to Cuso International.
  4. The first draft stories must be compiled in a well-designed A5 size booklet form, which is ready for printing. While taking pictures and using the organization’s logo the consultant must stick on Cuso International’s branding standard guideline, which will be shared. 
  5. After incorporating comments given by the project team, a final version of the success stories document will be submitted by the consultant written both in English and Amharic. Overall, the consultant is expected to write a total of 31 stories.

4.    Duration of the agreement

A total of 30 days equivalent is required for this consultancy work from February 24 to March 27, 2023.


Scope of work

No of days


Meeting with the U-GIRLS 2 project MEAL officer and staff to discuss on the assignment and plan for the field visit.

1 day


Review the shared draft interview guideline to enrich it and submit it for approval.

3 days


Conduct field visits in Assosa, Bambasi, Abrhamo, and Menge to capture audio visual stories (video and still photographs) of the respective individuals and write up the success stories. Initially, consent form has to be taken from the nominated individuals for the story. A total of 31 stories will be collected from the target districts.  

12 days


First draft success stories write up and the short video compilation with the subtitle must be shared with the U-GIRLS 2 project team. The stories must be written in English and Amharic and compiled in a well designed A5 size booklet form.

8 days


Collect feedbacks from the project team, incorporate it , and finalize the success stories write up and short video compilation.



30 days

5.    Eligibility of the consultant

  1. Masters’ Degree in literature (English), journalism / communications and have experience in capturing development interventions success stories with video and booklet is preferred.
  2. Experienced in collecting success stories of gender equality focused development interventions.
  3. Demonstrated skills in writing (English and Amharic)
  4. Possession of a degree or diploma or training in photography will be an added advantage
  5.  Possession of a high-resolution digital camera

6.    Elements of the Proposal

The Consultants invited to tender must provide the following:

  1. The technical proposal must be specific, complete, and concise, describing the consultants proposed plan to complete the scope of work and deliverables. It should demonstrate a clear understanding of the work to be undertaken and the responsibilities of all parties involved.
  2. Detailed CVs of the person (s) to be mobilized for this task.
  3. A sample of previous work (success storis booklet/related published document written both in English and Amharic and video to be returned to the consultant).
  4. While preparing the budget the cost must be expressed in Ethiopian Birr and inclusive of all applicable taxes and all consultancy service costs.

7.    Schedule of Payment

The Consultancy service payment is scheduled as follows:

  1. 30% at contract signing
  2. 30% after reviewing the submitted draft stories and video compilation and reached on an agreement/convinced on the drafted stories write up, booklet design and acceptable short video and photos and,
  3. 40% final payment will be released upon submission of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from the project team.

8.    Intellectual Property

All information pertaining to this project (pictures, video, audio recordings, supporting project documents shared by the project team, etc) belonging to Cuso international Ethiopia, which the consultant may come into contact within the performance of her/his, duties under this assignment shall remain the property of Cuso International that shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever case without written permission of Cuso International Ethiopia in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable.

9. Deliverables  

After completing the task, the selected consulting firm is expected to submit the following deliverables:

  • Revised success stories interview guides
  • A5 sized success story booklet written both in English and Amharic.
  • All audiovisual footage and 10 minuets short success story video compilation with English subtitle
  • All pictures taken while collecting the stories
  • Consent forms signed by project participants participated in the success stories data collection process

10.Selection criteria

Submissions will be evaluated using the criteria below. Technical proposals will account for      70% of the evaluation, while the financial offer will contribute 30%. A two-stage procedure is utilized in evaluating the proposals, with the technical evaluation being completed prior to the financial proposal.

Below is the breakdown of the technical evaluation criteria:



Maximum points


Masters’ Degree in literature (English), journalism / communications and have experience in capturing development interventions success stories with video and booklet is preferred.



Team composition



Possession of a degree or diploma or training in photography will be an added advantage



Produced at least three success story booklets and short videos over the last five years for an international development organizations.



A sample of previous work (success stories booklet/related published document written both in English and Amharic and video to be returned to the consultant).



Knowledge of the socio-political context of the project implementation region (BGR)   






Please provide the following information:

  1. Company Name.
  2. Address.
  3. Phone and fax.
  4. Contact person with email.


Terms of reference for execution will be negotiated with the successful consultant with details of lead times and schedule


  1.  Cuso International reserves the right to deal with any consultant of its choice
  2. Cuso International is not bound to accept the lowest offer or any offer.
  3. Respondents are bound by their offer for a period of 60 days as from the closing date of bids.
  4. Cuso International reserves the right to alter the dates of the tender timetable.
  5. Cuso International will inform each respondent to the tender of the decision on their offer through a letter of engagement if successful, or otherwise by email. Cuso International is not obliged to justify or explain selection to any respondent. Respondents are encouraged to contact Cuso International for any information required to submit a competitive bid.

D.   Tenders submitted must be accompanied with:

  • Renewed business license for the year 2015 E.C. VAT | TIN registration certificate.
  • Company profile/Consultant CV, indicating relevant experience in capturing success stories
  • Evidence of past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials
  • Completely filled consultancy service Price Schedule

Tenders must be submitted in four (4) sealed envelopes, bearing the bidder’s official seal, and clearly marked TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL “Original” and “Copy”, and must include the bidders’ name, and contact address, as well as the Tender title and Tender Reference number.

Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for this purpose at Cuso International, Ethiopia Country Office on February 20, 2023, before 10:00 P.M (Local time)

Cuso International Ethiopian CO Committee will open tender responses on the February 21, 2023.

Cuso International reserves the right to accept or reject this bid, in partial, or in its entirety.

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