Care Ethiopia: Terms of Reference for a Consultancy Contract to Conduct a Baseline Study


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Terms of Reference for a Consultancy Contract to Conduct a Baseline Study

CARE is a humanitarian non-governmental organization committed to working with poor women, men, boys, girls, communities, and institutions to have a significant impact on the underlying causes of poverty. CARE seeks to contribute to economic and social transformation, unleashing the power of the most vulnerable women and girls.

CARE in collaboration with local partners designed a project named SELAM II-Early Recovery and Socio-economic stability of conflict affected population in Amhara and Afar Region. Because of the conflict, the Afar and Amhara woredas which share a border with Tigray have lost both stocks and assets, including food stocks, seeds, agricultural tools, and livestock. The northern conflict which had expanded from Tigray region into Afar and Amhara regions for two rounds has aggravated the displacement of communities, with grave rights violations and damage to community assets, livelihoods, institutional resources, and infrastructure. The expansion of the conflict into the neighboring regions has exhausted an already limited resource base and coincided with the main Meher cultivation period which will likely result in longer periods of food shortage and severe malnutrition. Communities residing in these areas
are heavily reliant upon PSNP transfers to cover their annual food gaps which are due to regular occurrences of drought, periodic desert locust infestation and limited agronomic practice and extension support.

The project proposes a comprehensive intervention to strengthen the resilience of individuals, HHs, and communities in Amhara and Afar (bordering areas with Tigray), in particular women and girls, by strengthening their capacities and supporting them in the domains which have been identified as key for peacebuilding. The action will complement a comprehensive approach that addresses some of the underlying causes of conflict within and between communities and contributes to building positive peace.

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In line with the systematization proposed in CARE's Peacebuilding Toolbox, the Action addresses three elements identified as key for peacebuilding in the overall context in Amhara and Afar: (1) Livelihoods, (2) NRM, and (2) Relationships within and between communities. Across all domains and project components, the Action promotes building back better and more equitably, the assumption is that by creating conditions that provide more equitable access to economic opportunities and natural resources, and by strengthening participation in processes to maintain and monitor peace and stability and to resolve conflict through nonviolent means, the project will contribute to creating and maintaining positive peace in the target areas. The project designed to directly benefit 183,270 people and has target objectives and three intermediate outcomes (outputs)- please see the project's logframe for the details of the expected results

The purpose of developing the ToR is to guide the selected firm/vendor, who will provide consultancy service, in processing the technical and operational aspects of the baseline Survey

The deadline to submit the proposal is February 06, 2023, at 4:00 PM (10: Local time). All applications clearly marked as "Baseline Survey Consultancy Service on the Proposals" and submit both technical and financial proposals in a separate sealed envelope in-person to CARE Ethiopia, Procurement Unit as per the below address:

CARE Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Around 22 Maziria, behind Lex Plazza building, Next to Ha'Geez Cultural Restaurant.

CARE reserves the right to reject all non-responsive or otherwise unacceptable proposals.

NOTE: Any interested vendor can collect the relevant annexes from CARE Ethiopia head office, as per the above address.




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