Doctors with Africa CUAMM: Provision of Human Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment


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Sep 30, 2022 5:00 PM
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Published on (Aug 20, 2022)
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Ref. Nr.: 09/CUAMM/ETH/2022

Subject: Provision of Human Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment

The NGO Doctors with Africa CUAMM, under its projects implementation in different Ethiopian Regions, is launching the present Local Open Procedure to select eligible suppliers for Hospital Equipment, Human Medical Drugs and Hospital Consumables to support Hospital and Health Centres.

Within the present year, Doctors with Africa CUAMM is planning to procure Human Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment for an amount of approximately 15.000.000 ETB (Fifteen million ETB) both from Authorized distributors and from Pharmaceutical Suppliers.

The tender is divided into two LOTS as follows:

  • LOT 1: Selection of eligible Authorized Distributors
  • LOT 2: Selection of eligible Pharmaceutical Suppliers

The complete tender dossier is available at Doctors with Africa CUAMM main office in Addis Ababa during working hours (09:00-17:00) at the following address:

Bole Subcity, Woreda 3, house nr. 2434, Addis Ababa;

Simultaneously, it can be downloaded on Doctors with Africa CUAMM website at the following link:

The tender dossier includes:

A.       Instructions to tenderers and Contract notice

B.       Draft contract and special conditions, including annexes

-       Draft contract

-       Special conditions

-       Annex I: general conditions

-       Annex II + III: technical specifications + technical offer

-       Annex V: forms

C.       Further information

-       Administrative compliance grid

-       Evaluation grid

D.       Tender form for a supply contract and Declaration on honour on exclusion and selection criteria (annex A14a)


For full information about procurement procedures please consult the practical guide and its annexes, which can be downloaded from the following web page:

The deadline to submit the tender is fixed on 30/09/2022 at 5:00 PM.

Please send it to the address and with the requirements given in point 7 of the Instruction to Tenderers.

Yours sincerely

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