UNICEF (Ethiopia) wants to announce a Pre-Bidding meeting for Long Term Agreement for Borehole Drilling and Rehabilitation Services


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Pre-Bidding meeting.

LRPS - 2022- 9174594

Long term arrangement for Long Term Agreement for Borehole Drilling and RehabilitationServices @ 02:30 pm on 4th of August 2021

  1. Mr. Sisay Teferi- Procurement Specialist (UNICEF, Ethiopia)
  2. Tamene Gugsa- Urban Wash Specialist (UNICEF, Ethiopia)
  3. Mr. Tsigereda Belete (Procurement Associate)
  4. Mr. Anteneh (General Manager- Bidder)
  5. Mr. Mulugeta (Manager- Bidder)

Background regarding the Drilling and supervision work 

  • The purpose of this LTA is to hire private firm for provision of drilling and rehabilitation works for unicef supported WASH Projects. It was explained that the bid has been cancelled due to insufficient respondent to the bid. 
  • UNICEF encourages bidders to bidders to bid for both drilling and supervision works. 
  • UNICEF will consider multiple LTA holders under this bid. It was also clarified that financial proposal to be submitted from the bidder is an indicative price and depending on specific project needs LTA holders will be requested for secondary financial assessment and award will recommended based on lowest offer and availability. 
  • UNICEF will identify specific project sites later with LTA holders and project timeline will be determined depending on the programmatic need and funds availability.
  • UNICEF Ethiopia is a lead agency for this LTA bidding and establishment and any successful bidder will not only provide service to UNICEF but also for other UN agencies those interested to picky back. 
  • This is not a new service however UNICEF Ethiopia has been using this Service since 2014 with different contractors. 
  • Bidders are strictly advised to use the financial proposal proposal format shared by UNICEF. 


  • UNICEF strictly advise bidders to read terms and conditions of the RFP need to submit the at least a day before submission deadline and late submission is unacceptable. 
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