Cuso International Ethiopia would like to invite consultants to Deliver a Refreshing In-service Training for 2ry School English Teachers


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January 18, 2022, before 3:00 P.M (Local time)
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Jan 20, 2022 11:00 AM
Published on (Jan 04, 2022)
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  • RFP No:  T-CI – ET – 2022 -03
  • RFP Title:  Deliver a Refreshing In-service Training for 2ry School English Teachers  
  • RFP Issued By: Cuso International Country Program Office in Ethiopia
  • Issuance Date: January 3, 2022
  • Proposal Submission Date: January 18, 2022
  • Language of the proposal: The technical and financial proposals must be submitted in English. 

Instructions for Submission of Proposals:  All proposals should be submitted to the Cuso International Country Program Office in Ethiopia via the following address:  

Cuso International Ethiopia Country Program Office,H & M Building, 7th Floor (Around 22 Mazoria, In Front of Blue Bird Hotel), Yeka S.C, Woreda. 08, H# New map No.D.03/2580/01/3585Addis Ababa I Tel # 011 6 590698


It is anticipated that there will be one award. Issuance of this Request for Proposals does not constitute an award commitment on the part of Cuso International nor does it commit 



Cuso International is a Canadian international development organization with the mandate of contributing to reduce poverty and social inequalities through the support of highly qualified volunteers, partnership with local and international organizations as well as assistance from generous doners. Our vision is that of a world where everyone reaches out to their full potential, developing their skills and participating in bridging about a more just society. Working for the past 60 years, our efforts are focused on building inclusive societies for women and girls, improving economic opportunities, increasing access to education and enhancing maternal and girls’ health. By connecting global communities in need with the skills required to create lasting change, our impact continues to grow long after a project’s end. 


Partnering with the Institute of International Education (IIE), Cuso International has been implementing a project called Promoting Greater Access to University for GIRLS ("U-GIRLS-2"). This project is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs of Canada (GAC).  U-GIRLS2 project aims to increase access to higher education for high school girls in Ethiopia by applying a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to empower girls and young women through quality education. The project targets seven secondary schools in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State (BSG) and will support economically disadvantaged high school girls and high school girls with special needs. U-GIRLS-2 project works to address existing gender barriers that impede girls' ability to stay in school. Hence, the adolescent girls will receive academic resources, training and tutorials, and a financial stipend to allow them to focus on schoolwork. Supports will also be provided to teachers and schools in providing gender sensitive education system and school. As part of academic support for target schoolgirls, tutorial classes are provided to encourage all students and teachers to become more involved and use English language inside as well as outside of the classroom. 

U-GIRLS 2 Project schools are located as follows. 

Assosa Town Administration 

1. Assosa Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Assosa Town. 

2. Gemeharo Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Assosa Town. 

Assosa Zone 

3. Nebar Kemishiga Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Assosa Woreda

4. Bambasi Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Bambasi Woreda, 

5 .Ewket Fana Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Bambasi Woreda

6. Mengie Preparatory and Secondary School. Located in Mengie Woreda

Mao – Komo Special Woreda 

7.Tongo Preparatory and Secondary School, located in Tongo, Mao Komo Special Woreda 

Objective of this assignment 

The objective of the assignment is to improve the standard of English of, and improve the methodology used by, the English language teachers based in the target schools mentioned above. In order to give learners an opportunity for the voluntary use of English within the school, a need-based skill up-grading training will be delivered for 50 high school English teachers. Furthermore, improve the confidence of English teachers by providing tailor-made teaching materials to be used in English language tutorial classes.  

Scope of Work

In line with English Language Improvement Program requirement, provide a need-based skill up-grading training program for 50 secondary school English language Teachers. 

  • Conduct need-based assessment of English language teachers 
  • Conduct English language standard of sample grade 10 and 12 students in the project target schools 
  • Based on the assessment, produce tailor made teaching materials to be used in English language tutorial classes. 
  • Prepare and deliver in-service training program for 50 English Teachers who are working in the project target schools. 


The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs 

  • capacity assessment plans and tools 
  • classroom observation and /or standard test report 
  • report of need assessment 
  • a tailor-made teaching booklet (50 pages max) with instructors’ guidelines 
  • provide need-based methodology in-serve training program for English teachers 
  • help schoolteachers to prepare English language tutorial teaching plans 
  • submit a report of the whole undertraining 

Evaluation Criteria 


Capacity assessment design, knowledge and experience in ELIP and expertise in working with similar assignments with prove track record  



Financial proposal and payment schedules, in line with the government tax regulations





Please provide the following information: 

  1. Company Name. 
  2. Address.
  3. Phone and fax. 
  4. Contact person with email.


Terms of reference for execution will be negotiated with the successful consultant with details of lead times and schedules


  1. Cuso International reserves the right to deal with any consultant of its choice 
  2. Cuso International is not bound to accept the lowest offer or any offer. 
  3. Respondents are bound by their offer for a period of 60 days from the closing date of bids. 
  4. Cuso International reserves the right to alter the dates of the tender timetable. 
  5. Cuso International will inform each respondent to the tender of the decision on their offer through a letter of engagement if successful, or otherwise by email. Cuso International is not obliged to justify or explain selection to any respondent. Respondents are encouraged to contact Cuso International for any information required to submit a competitive bid. 


  • Renewed business license for the year 2014 E.C. VAT | TIN registration certificate.
  • Company profile
  • Evidence of past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials
  • Completely filled consultancy service Price Schedule
  • Statement of Declaration in compliance to Cuso International Policies

Tenders must be submitted in four (4) sealed envelopes, bearing the bidder’s official seal, and clearly marked TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL “Original” and “Copy”, and must include the bidders’ name, and contact address, as well as the Tender title and Tender reference number. 

Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for this purpose at Cuso International, Ethiopia Country Office on January 18, 2022, before 3:00 P.M (Local time)

Cuso International Ethiopian CO Committee will open tender responses on January 20 at 2:00 PM.

Cuso International reserves the right to accept or reject this bid, in partial, or in its entirety.


Company Info
Cuso International Ethiopia
ኪውሶ ኢንተርናሽል ኢትዮጵያ
Address Baro Building 4th Floor (Around 22 Mazoria, In Front of Meklit Building)
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