Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Award: SMEs that are seeking partnerships in order to grow their business and attain a certain business level shall be selected by this SME-Award.


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Published on (Aug 10, 2018)
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    The Global Business Network (GBN) Programme was created to enhance cooperative relations between local and European, particularly German businesses and institutions. To that end, it will collect and process investor relevant information; develop new and tailored approaches for cooperation. The GBN Programme establishes ‘German Business & Cooperation Desks’ to provide information, services and guidance to both local and German as well as other European businesses. Thus, the programme intends to stimulate a stronger economic activity in developing countries and to successfully link entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable economic and social development. One of the main targets of the GBN Programme is to identify, develop and promote business opportunities for creating partnerships between international, especially German and Ethiopian partners.

  Therefore, SMEs that are seeking partnerships in order to grow their business and attain a certain business level shall be selected by this SME-Award. They shall be awarded by advisory services to improve their overall business operations such as marketing and financial management in order to become “partnership-ready”. Furthermore, selected companies shall receive assistance to be matched to potential partners such as buyer and/or joint venture companies, potential investors and donor-programmes addressing SME.

 The SME-Award is jointly carried out with Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) and other project partners that will integrate their expertise in the process.

  • What is the aim of the SME-Award?

 The SME-Award aims at identifying a number of companies out of specified sectors (garment and textile, agro-processing, leather and shoes, renewable energies) that have the potential to become partnership-ready by receiving an advisory service from a professional consultancy. Tackled shall be jointly identified challenges that hinder them to acquire partners. Additionally the initiative works together with a certain number of investors and donor-programmes in order to assist the selected companies to be matched to potential partners.

  • What is expected from applicants?

In the application, the company shall outline in what specific regard the company needs technical support/consultancy in order to reach a certain business level that allows it to acquire potential partners (“partnership readiness”). A selection committee will award the best, most realistic, sustainable, has a potential to scale-up and coherent proposals. It is very crucial to understand how the company will get to a certain business level and become partnership ready by receiving the requested technical support. Furthermore, the initiative works together with a certain number of potential partners (investors, donorprogrammes and partner-companies) in order to match the selected companies to potential partners. Besides, the description of the technical input needed (as outlined in the application form) please fill the required information in the application form in detail.

  • What do successful applicants receive?
  • A consultant that will support the selected companies by 

1.Identifying jointly barriers to grow their companies

2.Providing assistance to the companies in order to tackle the barriers

3.Providing assistance in order to match the companies with potential partners (investors, donor-programmes, partner-companies etc.)

  • Who assesses and on what criteria?

Global Business Network (GBN) Programme in collaboration with its project partners as AACCSA and Cordaid has jointly formed a selection committee responsible for this task. Among applicants, companies with most suitable applications to the funding topics will be selected. The committee will evaluate all applications against the following criteria:

1. All mandatory information has to be provided (see application form). If the information is not available, justification therefore has to be provided

2. Clarity of business model and vision to scale-up.

3. Clarity of the description of needed input

4. Quality of business operations and ability to scale up.

5. Quality of the founder/founders and management team

6. Financial viability and sustainability.

How to apply?

Please fill in the attached application form and send it to Global Business Network (GBN) Programme. Applications should be made in English language. Please use the following Emails: using the following Subject: “Partnership counts” The deadline for submission of the proposal is 31st of August 2018 Applicants will be contacted up till end of August on the next steps. In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.                             

click here for the application form

  • Disclaimer : The GBN Programme of GIZ will thoroughly review all proposals received by the deadline, and will use its best judgment to determine which respondents to meet, if any, after receipt of all proposals. GIZ reserves its sole and absolute discretionary right to determine companies that are eligible for the award, as well as its sole and absolute right to withdraw without prior notice.
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