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Request for Proposals (RFP)

Implementation of School WASH Behaviour Change Intervention in Bahir Dar

August 2022 – December 2023


Splash is a non-profit organization that designs child-focused water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), and menstrual health solutions with governments in some of the world’s largest low-resource cities. Splash improves WASH infrastructure in schools through the installation of water filtration systems, water storage, and child-friendly drinking and handwashing stations. We engage school leaders, parents, teachers, janitors, and student hygiene clubs to promote healthy WASH behaviors and strengthen school-based menstrual health services. We are focused on reaching 100% of government schools in two major cities: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kolkata, India. In 2022, Splash will commence implementation of Project WISE (WASH in Schools for Everyone) in all government primary and secondary schools in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. We are seeking a partner to implement the Behavior Change and Menstrual Health Management components of our intervention, including stakeholder orientation, teacher training, parent training, formation and/or maintenance of student hygiene and gender clubs, and facilitation of event days.

Scope of Work

The selected organization will be responsible for implementing all Project WISE Behaviour Change and Menstrual Health Management activities in approximately 56 public schools serving 80,000 students and 4000 staff members in Bahir Dar. See Annex:Project WISE School Intervention Phases and our website for more information. This scope of work is to be completed by 31 December 2023.


  • Collect and verify site list from government stakeholders
  • Provide backup information for the MLE team regarding site segmentation and pre-intervention site-level 
  • information   Pre-Implementation Survey (occurs between site engagement and infrastructure planning)
  • Collect necessary site-specific data that will be used by the infrastructure and line departments for planning (e. g. locations, contacts, populations, socio-economic information
  • Site Engagement (includes written partnership agreement) Lead the MOU signing process with each school after verifying a list of schools sent by the bureau of education and a completion of a technical walkthrough by the infrastructure team.
  • Work closely with the infrastructure officers and managers and facilitate for the Infrastructure Planning/Technical Walkthrough exercise.
  • Facilitate school management workshops on sustainability and ownership of WASH (one principal and one PTSA/parents and teachers association representative 2 persons attend a one-day SMC workshop)
  • Facilitate Hygiene Club and Gender Club Focal Teachers Training of Trainers, (two teachers attend a two days TOT)
  • Gender and Hygiene club trainings (the trained teachers would select two groups of 25- 30 students from their respective schools and provide a two days training for hygiene club and gender club)
  • Janitors’ training (a one-day WASH training on for 2 food handlers and 2 janitors from each
  • O&M training for technicians, (Technical training on trouble shooting of the WASH hardware for a total of 4 guards/technical staffs from each school)
  • Support the school to deploy a soap drive strategy in consultation with parents and school management
  • Conduct routine sustainability supports and identify sustainability issues and conduct or suggest immediate corrective measures including ongoing behaviour change support (i.e., event days, refresher training, recognition)
  • Facilitate the engagement of the sub-city technical committee/cluster supervisors to periodically review and follow up site level interventions
  • Input and manage implementation data on Salesforce
  • Work closely with the Splash O&M team and school management to resolve major infrastructural issues
  • Weekly written progress updates
  • Final written report summarizing successes, challenges, and lessons learned


  • The organization should have experience implementing behaviour change and/or health promotion activities with children and adolescents in schools in Ethiopia
  • Applicants must have a presence in Amhara Region
  • Experience with international development/NGO clients required
  • Experience engaging local stakeholders in Ethiopia required
  • School WASH sector experience preferred
  • The organization must be responsible for the quality of the work of any subcontractors employed for this project

Proposal Requirements

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal that includes a technical narrative and budget for the full scope of work (maximum five pages). Please include the following:

  • Profile of relevant experience and related work
  • Detailed budget with breakdown
  • Profile of relevant qualifications, similar clients
  • Biographies of proposed consulting team members and any relevant subcontractors
  • A relevant writing sample.

Response Guidelines

Proposals should be submitted to Addis.Infra@splash.org with the subject line: Implementation of WASH Behavior Change Intervention in Bahir Dar (organization name). The deadline for applications is the 21st of January 2022 before 5 pm.  Applicants are advised to send files in commonly recognized MS or PDF formats. Proposals should include information specific to accomplishing the scope of work. Applicants will be notified of Splash’s decision by email. The final award is subject to the terms and conditions included in this solicitation, as well as successful final negotiations of all applicable terms and conditions affecting this work.

Terms and Conditions

Splash reserves the right to reject all bids received in response to this solicitation and is in no way bound to accept any proposal. Information provided by Splash as part of this solicitation must be treated as confidential. If any information is inappropriately released, Splash will seek appropriate remedies as allowed. Likewise, proposals, discussions, and all information received by Splash in response to this solicitation will be held as strictly confidential. 

Applicants must disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest may be present if there is a personal relationship with a Splash staff member that constitutes a significant financial interest, board memberships, or other employment. Contacting third parties involved in the project, the review panel, or any other party may be considered a conflict of interest and may result in disqualification of the proposal.

Acceptance of a proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. Splash reserves the option to negotiate on the final terms and conditions; we reserve the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, as well as the option of accepting partial components of a proposal, if appropriate.

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