Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2merkato Tenders service?

It's a service provided by the popular Ethiopian business portal, We collect tender notices from all the major newspapers, organization websites and organisations who post directly on We organize the announcements sorted by category, company, newspaper, and region and post it on this website. Users can access the tender service using username and password provided by us; they can receive email alerts of tenders which correspond to the category of their choice, etc. In a nutshell, it’s a service designed to make your life easier and your business more successful.

How can 2merkato tenders service help me?

It can help you track local and international tenders floated and published in Ethiopia. You can be more organized; you can track tenders posted in the country without the need to purchase every newspaper in the country; you can stop worrying about missing a tender notice because your assistant or you have not seen it in this or that newspaper; etc.

What makes you different from the other websites (Tender posting websites)?

  • We provide free access to tender summaries
  • Tender alerts are sent to all our subscribers for free
  • For our subscribers in Ethiopia, alerts can be sent via fax
  • Our tender platform is unique in its filtering mechanism. Users can filter tenders by a specific newspaper, specific date or range of dates, region, language and category.
  • is not only a tender website; it also provides other services such as business directory, business news, other business information and advertisement services. You can get all the information you need on participating in tenders, business rules and regulations, Ethiopian business contacts, etc

How can I start using your service?

To start using the tender service and get full access

  • Please register, activate your account, place an order, then make the required payment (for users in Ethiopia, you can follow the instructions found below and foreign users can pay online)
  • Or you can contact us through email, phone or you can stop by our office. Our address information is mentioned below. We'll get you setup.

Can I try your service without paying?

You can fully access the tender notices which are marked Free to Access. You can also subscribe to our tender alert email which contain limited information, or see tender preview by going to our website.  But to access the full feature of our tender service, you have to pay an annual subscription fee.

How can I pay for your service? What payment options do you offer?

You can use one of the following options to make the payment:

You can come to our office: Full address and contact details: Mega Building (Bole Road), 4th floor, Office No. 413 Addis Ababa, Phone: 251-11-5545696+251 11 8593031; Fax:251-11-5540692; Mobile: 251-91-2070146251-93-0105437

We can send someone to your office (First, send us your full address and TIN number)

Bank transfer/deposit: Our bank accounts:

  1. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bole Branch, Ebiz Online Solutions PLC, Account No: 1000070583538
  2. Hibret (United) Bank SC, Bole Branch, Ebiz Online Solutions PLC, Account No: 1061816026303018

If you're in a foreign country, you can pay online on using your credit card or paypal – you have to follow the instruction found on the payment page:

Do I get receipt for my payment?

Yes. For users who pay in Ethiopia, we issue a VAT receipt. For users who are outside of Ethiopia and pay through credit card/ paypal on, will issue an e-invoice. We’ll later issue a VAT receipt to once they pay us.

Can you give me discount?

As it is, it is a heavily discounted price. Imagine how much you would spend if you were to buy all the newspapers no to mention the time you spend sifting through all those papers.

How many categories can I subscribe to? Is the payment per category?

You can subscribe to as many categories as you want and the payment is not per category.

Do you offer half year subscription?

Unfortunately we don't offer half year subscription option for the tender and featured listing services.

Does the annual subscription means it is for the budget year or for one year period (is it one year from the subscription date?)

Annual subscription means one year from the subscription date. For example: If you subscribe on 28 November 2014, you can use the service till 27 November 2015. Therefore, to continue using the service, you will have to renew the contract on or before 28 November 2015.

I have registered but it hasn't been activated.

To make sure that the email address you entered while registering account with us is correct (i.e. no typo) and belongs to you, we send a confirmation email to the address. You must click on the link in the email message in order to activate your newly created account.

Most of the time this email will not make it to your email inbox, so you should check your spam folder or junk folder as well. Please note that if you use Gmail, most likely our confirmation email will end up in the spam folder. We are aware of the problem and we are trying to find a solution for it.

If you did all the above and still haven't found our email, please call us on our support phone numbers (+251 11 8593031, +251 930 105437) and we will activate it for you.

I lost my password. Can you help me?

You can reset the password by clicking on forgot password on the log in page and then you’ll be asked to enter the email address for your account and a verification code will be sent to you. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account. The other option is to send us your email address and we will reset it for you.

I am a paid subscriber but when I try to login it says upgrade your account.

In most cases this happens when you have more than one account with us and try to use your free account to access the service. When this happens, please get in touch with our support team. We will fix the problem for you.

I am a paid subscriber but I haven't received any alert?

  • First make sure you have subscribed to at least one category if you haven't yet subscribed.
  • If you already have subscribed to categories of your choice and haven't received any email in your INBOX, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. In case of GMAIL, please also check your ALL MAIL other than your INBOX.
  • Please make sure that the Subscription Status in the tender Alert Subscription page is ON.
  • Please also make sure that you have selected the correct language preference. The default is BOTH (Amharic and English). If you select Amharic, only Amharic tenders are sent to your email.

Where do you get the tender notices?

We get the tender notices from all the major Amharic and English newspapers; organisations such as the UN, GIZ send us their notices directly to us (you have a chance to see notices even before they’re published in newspapers). We get procurement notices, request for proposals, expression of interest and request for quotations from all the major Amharic and English newspapers published in Ethiopia.

I like your service but I'm concerned that I might miss important tenders if I were to rely only on your service. How can I trust your service?

We have a dedicated team for tender notice sourcing, data encoding, editing and quality control. We have a four step quality and accuracy control system that can help us identify and correct errors. Although we can't give you 100% guarantee that you won't miss any tender published in the country but our coverage is very close to 100%.

I'm a busy businessperson, I don't seat in front of computer often. How can your service help me?

Our Tender website is mobile friendly and can be accessed from any mobile device. In fact more than 50% of our users browse our website from their mobile phones.

My internet connection is not reliable or very slow. How can your service help me?

  • We have phone support and you can call and check if we have new tenders for you.
  • We can send tender alerts via fax (applicable to subscribers in Ethiopia).
  • Since our Tender service is mobile friendly, you can easily access the service from your mobile provided you have a mobile phone with internet connection.

I'm a foreign company and I want to participate in tenders in Ethiopia. Can you help me?

You can access our tender service by paying on by credit card or PayPal. If you need more info on participating in tenders in Ethiopia, you may check

Do you provide the tender document?

No. But if you are in a foreign country, we can suggest to you service providers who can collect the tender document on your behalf.

What else do you offer besides the tender service? is a business portal which provides integrated info on Ethiopian business and the Tender Services is one of the services it provides. We have a B2B platform in the form of Business directory where one can find and do business with Ethiopian businesses and foreign suppliers to Ethiopia. You can feature your business on the directory and you will get business opportunities from Ethiopia and beyond. For a strong online exposure, you can advertise your products or services on the banner spaces we give on

Last modified 27-03-2015